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Individualized Tutoring & Coaching

I work with each family to develop a personalized approach for their child. 


Specialties include: 

  • Math Tutoring & Enrichment (ages 4-11)

  • Literacy Intervention & Instruction (ages 4-11)

  • Handwriting 

  • Executive Function Coaching

  • Academic & Homework Support

  • Inquiry Based Project Work 

  • Messy Art Exploration

  • Personalized Programs 

Small Group Classes

Have a group of friends interested in learning or creating together? I work with you to customize curriculum for a learning series or a one-time special event.

Options Include


Math Mindset:

Learn to love puzzling through interesting mathematical problems. Math is figure-out-able!

Messy Art & Maker Projects: 

From homemade dollhouses to ice cube painting, kids will have the chance to take charge of the creative process. 

Artist Inspiration:

Children create their own artistic masterpieces inspired by the work and lives of artists past and present.


 Story Crafts:

Children engage in a creative project based on a shared read-aloud.


 Story Workshop:

Writing is creating! Kids work together to create and record books based upon their own interests and imagination. 


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