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"Beth was our daughter’s kindergarten teacher and then both of our daughters’ tutor, and we honestly cannot praise her enough! From the start, there was a connection with our girls – and both of us as parents. The girls love her because she makes work fun in such creative ways (creating menus instead of only writing stories, counting cookies instead of just counting fingers…). Beth got our girls excited to learn versus being nervous and anxious about it as they had been in the past; she made it safe to take risks and therefore grow. And, she excels at celebrating successes in a way that really meant a lot to our daughters. As anyone who works with her will see, her enthusiasm is very contagious!

Throughout our entire time working with Beth, she has been able to help us work with our girls more productively. She consistently provides ideas and guidance to reinforce and support their development, and of course this was done in fun and creative ways!

Lastly, there is no better communicator than Beth Greene. Whether that be her emails to us detailing all of their progress and then what we need to work on, or collaborating with their other teachers/supporters to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

We feel so lucky to have had Beth in all of our lives - and know that you will not be disappointed! She is a superstar!" 


Boston, MA


"Our son started to thrive once he began working with Beth and has carried it over into 4th grade. He received a great report across the board - including in reading!  We attribute much of his success to "Ms. Greene," and how she was able to provide our son with the tools to succeed. In a compassionate, empathetic, nurturing way, she realized how best he would learn and retain material. We tell everyone what a tremendous difference she made for our son! All of a sudden, he was happy going to school and felt successful as a student." 


The Dalton School, New York City

"We feel extremely fortunate for the time that our sons have spent with Ms. Greene. Her thoughtful and caring approach to children is unmatched. Her professional attitude and work ethic are always evident."

Parent (K & 4th Grade)

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA


"Beth worked with our daughter for over two years, guiding us through the evaluation process. Her creative approaches to literacy instruction made it possible for our daughter to begin to overcome her anxiety around reading and writing and engage in literacy instruction." 


Parent (Grade 2)

Brookline, MA


It is a rare find a teacher who is both serious and playful, and Beth truly is both. She has high expectations for our son, and holds him to those standards, while laughing and having fun along the way. She sets the stage for each child to develop a love of learning. 

First Grade Parent

Brookline, MA

"Under Beth's care, my daughter developed into a curious, confident, and independent learner. Any family would be very lucky to work with her."

Kindergarten Parent

Boston, MA

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