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School's out... now what?!

In thinking about the summer ahead, I realize that many parents are facing long weeks of camp-free, socially-distanced summer days. Throughout the next few months, I will share some of my projects for family fun - activities to spark a little joyful learning at home.

Spray Paint Shirts

What You'll Need:

  • White T-Shirts

  • Fabric Spray Paint (I use this one!)

  • Thin Cardboard (empty cereal box or pasta box ready to be repurposed!)

  • Scotch Tape

Think of a message that you want to wear loud and proud. "Be Kind," "Love," "Sisters," "Hugs," "Stand Together". Anything goes! Then, write out the message in bubble letters on the cardboard (great chance for some summer literacy fun).

After cutting out the letters (think fine motor strength), arrange the letters on the shirt and tape them down (a little tape roll on the back of each letter is all you need).

Now it's time to grab the paint and start spraying - there is no right way to design your shirt. Just be sure to cover all of the area around the letters.

Let it dry before taking off the cardboard to reveal your custom shirt!

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